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Very Important People visiting

29 Sep 2017

It was the annual party for the Very Important People in our lives and village.  The Scout Group runs their senior citizen party each year for members of the village, friends, neighbours and family members. It was a lovely evening with Beavers, Cubs and Scouts entertaining, feeding and chatting to the guests.  A brilliant time was head by all.
Thank you …

Tanzania traveller returns

25 Sep 2017

Hello everyone I’m back! It seems like ages since I wrote a piece saying goodbye when I was leaving for Tanzania, look how much I’ve done since then. It was lovely to see that Mum kept you all up to date on what I was getting up to but I thought I would tell you a bit about the things …

Cubs racing at Goodwood!

25 Sep 2017

​Well done to the four Cubs who represented our Pack at Goodwood today in the Supreme Karting Championships 10th year! 3rd Romsey have taken past for the past three years.
A team should consist of six Cubs, but our four boys worked like Trojans today, resting for one race before they were back on the track.
I am hugely proud of each …


22 Sep 2017

We’re learning about space, satellites and rockets – having fun!