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29 Jun 2017

We put up a tent in our patrols to see if they had any holes or missing pieces.  Then we put them away again.  Hopefully we’ll remember how to do it when we go camping.  At the end we played a game of chaos tag!

Cooking on gas

29 Jun 2017

Tonight we enjoyed cooking on the gas cookers.   We really enjoyed our delicious spaghetti bolognese and we learned how to cut a pepper!

Annual get together!

16 Jun 2017

It was a summers evening for our Annual Review. It was lovely to welcome County, District and Group members to share the highs of the past year in reports and photos.
The Cubs had everyone singing along and the Beavers showed off their rocket – and boy did it go!
The Explorer Scout Young Leaders for the Scout Section were presented with …

On target

8 Jun 2017

Tonight at Scouts we did shooting and archery at 4th Romsey HQ.  We learnt how to use a bow and arrow, then our groups swapped so we went inside to do shooting.  We had a lot of fun and the instructors were very nice – they even made us hot chocolate!

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