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10 Feb 2017

Tonight we learnt about natural disasters.  We also thought about what makes a disaster.  We used a machine called Vikia.  It made it so we could hear very quiet sounds, it is used when buildings collapse to try and find people.  We used it in a game which was really fun.

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Training camp fun

7 Feb 2017

In February we went on a Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders camp, it was a lot of fun and very, very muddy!  We put up our tent in the dark, rainy weather but the hot chocolate and hot dogs afterwards were lovely.  The food overall was yum and there was lots of it.  We had curry, full English breakfast, …

Commonwealth Games

3 Feb 2017

We are learning what the Commonwealth is and what is included in the Commonwealth Games.  We learnt about what sports are included and that the list is constantly changing.  We then had a debate, we were given sides and we had to argue our points even if we didn’t agree with them – it was challenging but interesting how we …