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Choi Kwang Do

27 Jan 2017

This Thursday in Scouts we learnt Choi Kwang Do.  At the start we were given the history which was very interesting.  We learnt that Choi Kwang Do has only been around for about 30 years.  After that we did some self defence and learnt some moves that we may need if we ever found ourselves in a bad situation.  At …

We’re dementia friends

20 Jan 2017

3rd Romsey Scout Troop welcomed ROMDAG, Romsey Dementia Action Group, to raise awareness of dementia.  This is a problem that affects many of their families, preparing the Scouts by showing them what it is like to live with dementia helps them to understand and become more dementia friendly.  Romsey was successfully launched as a Dementia Friendly town in May 2014, …

All Aboard the RRS James Cook!

18 Jan 2017

We went on a boat called the RRS James Cook at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton.  We got on via the gangplank and explored the ship.  First we went to the bridge and the Captian told us all about where they go and how it runs, then we saw the laboratories and the hanger whilst going up and down lots …

Human rights

13 Jan 2017

We looked at where our clothes were made and discussed what rights we have compared to other people around the world.  We also did programing games and then did a map of Romsey from memory – not as easy as you think!  Finally we had Exercise with Emily!

Where do we come from?

6 Jan 2017

Tonight we learnt about how Scouts started with Baden-Powell and how they contributed in World War 1 & 2.  We learnt about people involved in the Scouting war effort from Romsey.

Hampshire Scout News Winter 2016 (HSN)

4 Jan 2017

Why not find out more of what is happening in Hampshire – HSN Winter 2016