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Articles Archive for September 2016

Welcome to our VIPs

29 Sep 2016

3rd Romsey welcomed 30 Very Important People to our meeting tonight.  The invitations had gone out, the replies received, the food cooked and the entertainment planned – all ready for 3rd Romsey’s annual senior citizens party.  Local villagers and relatives were invited to an evening of party food and entertainment followed by a raffle.
The young people did a fantastic job …

Marwell – Wild Day Out!

26 Sep 2016

39 members of 3rd Romsey Scout Group met at 9.30am at Marwell for the second Marwell Wild Day Out.  Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and parents enjoyed a fantastic day in the sunshine (with only one very heavy rain shower) exploring Marwell and visiting the animals.  There were quizes, bouncy castles, a trail, craft, colouring and face painting to be enjoyed between …

Map bingo

22 Sep 2016

Tonight we had loads of fun.  We did compass points, rounders and map bingo (which I won!).  We also suggested new PLs and APLs for later this term.

Good Scouts can read maps

16 Sep 2016

Today we learnt how to find north without using a compass and we also learnt how to read six figure grid references.  We then tested our skills to translate a special phrase which was “”good Scouts can read maps”.  It was amazing how to find north without a compass.

What does it mean?

9 Sep 2016

Tonight we started with a game of rounders then we began to look at maps and their symbols, what they mean and how they are helpful.  Then we did a quiz to see how well we knew the symbols, it was fun.  After we played a game called chairball.  Then we all set maps to see if we could do …