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The sun shone at Romsey Carnival

17 Jul 2016

A wonderful day was had in the sun at Romsey Summer Carnival.  We started with a blank lorry but after a lot of work, staple guns, cable ties and loads and loads of bunting – we had a birthday party fit for the Queen!  Our theme was “Happy Birthday Ma’am” and thanks to our willing workers we had a float …

It’s a mystery

15 Jul 2016

Tonight was really fun!  We walked around Winchester finding clues and solving puzzles – we also learnt about Winchester’s history.  We followed a trail and tried to work out who the murderer was and with what weapon!  I really enjoyed it and learnt lots about Winchester! (and Leslie Merchant shot him!)

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Romsey Go-Kart Madness!

13 Jul 2016

Fantastic cart preparation from Cubs and Scouts who had all come along with some very original and colourful ideas.

The Results:
Isaac and Lily came third with ‘Showbusiness’ – a cart featuring the glitz of entertainers with an original guitar neck feature on the front chassis and parrot figure head. Detachable showbiz signs made for a useful water shield for Lily as …

Bearings, biscuits & D of E

8 Jul 2016

Tonight we did biscuit bearings and hot chocolate hunt.  We had to follow bearings to find small figures and bring them back to Ruth.  In the end we found them all – so we had hot chocolate, squirty cream, marshmallows and biscuits!

Then we had a presentation on a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition from one of our Young Leaders, Kathleen, …

I like to ride my bicycle!

5 Jul 2016

The Scouts and Leaders had fun riding along the Test Way – and the weather was kind to us as it finally stopped raining!  The Scouts must have had fun – we could hear them from about a mile away!!  Huge thank you to Jacky, Pete, Andy G, Kieran and all the Leaders who went along, we’ll provide ear defenders …

Beavers do photography

5 Jul 2016

The Beavers earned their photography badge by creating cardboard cut-outs and 4th July inspired backdrop then taking photos
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