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Brownsea 2016

31 May 2016

Cubs from Romsey District joined together to enjoy a weekend of activities to celebrate the Cubs Centenary near the site of the first ever Scout camp held by Robert Baden Powell.

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Debating & Cooking

27 May 2016

We did backwoods tonight, we cooked trout and seabass then got a chance to try each.  We also got to eat camp doughnuts!  Whilst the fish was cooking we had a go at debating Buddhist monk style – which is harder than you think!

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Impressive origami

22 May 2016

Jack, Freddie and Theo have created some incredible origami as part of Cubs 100 Challenge!
Well done boys!
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Jack’s DIY

22 May 2016

Jack is very proud, and rightly so, of the lovely pieces of woodwork he has crafted for his DIY badge
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Very special guests

22 May 2016

Cubs were especially honered to have Monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery visit us this week.
They showed us how to weave around prayers, mould dough, as they would mould butter, for decoration, how to make prayer flags, decorate mandalas with coloured sand and how to say some words in Tibetan, including how to write our names in their script.
Cubs learnt about life in a monastery and had …

Where’s a 1st Aider?

21 May 2016

Yes!  Three Leaders and three Young Leaders from 3rd spend a wet Saturday learning 1st Aid skills – that they hope never to have to use!  There was lots of bandaging, practicing, learning and role play going on – and hopefully lots of it went in!  Although we know what we’re doing now – please don’t put it to the …


20 May 2016

Unheard of at Scouts – but the Tashi Lhunpo Buddhist monks seem to be able to work their charm on the Troop!

Today we had the Tibet monks come and visit.  They showed us how they play their longhorns.  They also used hand actions to pray and show how to care for their visitors.   The monks they debated compassion – …

What a lot of hot air!!

19 May 2016

Cubs found out about types of renewable energy; making their own windmills  to lift objects- some were more successful than others!
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Who dunnit?

12 May 2016

Tonight we played Scout Cluedo.  We went round asking people if it was the Patrol Leader at the Camp Fire with the Frying Pan and other weird questions!  After working it out we then made an accusation when we thought we know who the murderer was, where they did it and with what weapon.  It was fun.
Congratulations to Falcons who …

Environmental Challenges

8 May 2016

Cubs have been looking at how our actions effect the environment and Our World.
Akela was surprised at their knowledge!
Cubs are going to attempt to increase their families recycling and decrease their families water usage.