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Christmas fun

17 Dec 2015

We had a great evening at the end of term making recycled junk models – the range was astounding!  So after fun, games, recycling, splat and Christmas Jumpers it was time to say happy Christmas!  A huge thank you and goodbye to James & Kathleen, our Senior Patrol Leaders, and we’ll miss you! Enjoy wherever your next Scouting step takes you.

Scout in SPACE – really!

15 Dec 2015

Good luck to former Scout and astronaut Tim Peake as he sets off on his mission to the International Space Station!

Fun and games

10 Dec 2015

Today, as it’s nearly Christmas and there weren’t many of us, we started by playing lots of games.  Then Kieran talked to us about Explorers and what they do.  He did this by playing some games that they do at Explorers like minefield, where someone is blindfolded and you have to tell them how to walk around obstacles around the …

Wet & muddy!

4 Dec 2015

Tonight we went outside in the dark to play a wide game.  We all got very muddy and wet!
Jimmy & May