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Dolphins, whales & porpoises

23 Oct 2015

Tonight we were visited by Anna & Lucy from ORCA and they taught us about whales, dolphins and porpoises.   It was very interesting because we learnt lots of things about the cetaceans such as how big they are, how much they eat and that the oldest whale is the Bowhead Whale and it lives to be over 200 years …

ORKA visit

23 Oct 2015

Akela was impressed with the amount Cubs already knew about whales and dolphins when asked questions by Anna from Orka this evening who came to talk to the Cubs about different cetaceans and how we can help save them.
Cubs then enjoyed playing at being dolphins, mimicking their echolocation communication with claps to find each other.
Akela finished the evening by giving …

Scout shooting championships, Bisley

21 Oct 2015

We competed at the Scout Shooting Championships at Bisley, camping with the 21st Romsey Scouts & Explorers. Over 2 days, we shot favourably against 800 other entrants in air rifle, air pistol, field target, smallbore rifle and biathlon   3rd’s team comprised of Muntjac (Mat), Toby & Adam (Scouts) and Ed & Kieran (Explorer YLs) – well done to all of you!

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Christmas Badge – a robin with our necker!

19 Oct 2015

Why not help the Scout Christmas Appeal by buying a badge for your Beaver, Cub or Scout?  The robin is wearing 3rd Romsey’s necker!  The cost is £1 – the difference it makes is unmeasurable!
The DGF provides vital support for young people with challenges such as learning difficulties, physical disabilities or those who face financial hardship.
By supporting the DGF you …

A night of incidents

16 Oct 2015

The Scouts tried to use a compass and take bearings to make it round the incident hike – some more successful than others!  They all made it safely back – somehow!
Thanks to the Leaders, Young Leaders & Senior Patrol Leaders for sitting out in the dark waiting for the Patrols to arrive.  The plus point?  It wasn’t raining!

A trip round India

16 Oct 2015

We’ve been learning about Hindu Gods and Indian welcome patterns..  We have also been doing research on famous people from India.
And we talked about the yummy Indian food we made last week.

Read all about it!

14 Oct 2015

The Cubs have made the news with their box cart racing – read what the Chichester newspaper thought!
Box Kart 2015

A Million Hands

11 Oct 2015

Today we created our Million Hands project.  To do this we were in our patrols and had to plan our activities the weeks before.
Our aim was to raise awareness of water conservation by planning an evening activity for the Beavers – such as a game or a video.
The Falcons patrol came up with the motto “Stop, Think, Save”.
If we get …

Yummy chapatis

11 Oct 2015

We made chapatis, they are an Indian type of bread and they look like naan bread and are pancake shaped.  They are just made of water and flour and are cooked in a frying pan.
Then we tried some other Indian food.
Archie, Archie, Toby & Olivia

Glorious Goodwood

6 Oct 2015

3rd Romsey Cubs entered the Supreme Box Cart Championship which is held annual at Goodwood.  The sun shone, the Cubs had fun and a great day was held by all.
There were lots of different cub packs taking part and they all had their own design for the kart. In the morning we had our kart inspected to make sure it …