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Articles Archive for August 2015

Cub camp capers

22 Aug 2015

Cubs arrived on site on Friday morning to bright sunshine and instructions to fill their water bottles and put sun cream and hats on! They were given safety instructions and a tour of the site before putting their bags in their tents, which the Scouts had very recently vacated. Cubs enjoyed whittling whistles and spatulas with Steve and learning new …

Great Group fun!

17 Aug 2015

First time at Scout Camp for the Beavers: everyone stood still for Flag Break with the rest of the group. We spent most of the day learning circus skills with Juggling Jake, including devil sticks, the diablo, spinning plates, balancing on the tight rope. A brave few even tried the unicycle. After lunch everyone received their Camp blankets which were …

Lush Linkenholt

9 Aug 2015

Camp Diary 2015

Saturday – Arrivals
When we first got to the hall we had to get everything we needed out of the loft then packed into the van to drive to site.  Once on site we sat down to eat lunch.  Van emptied, tents & dining shelters up we began to make dinner for our Patrol (Jack, Kathleen, Emily, Kieran & …