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Get ready…..

26 Jun 2015

We put tents up today to practice for camp – I enjoyed it!

First Aid……………..

23 Jun 2015

and a three-legged race!

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20 Jun 2015

Cycle ride from Stony Marsh to Stockbridge.  Cubs did really well.  Thanks to the parents who came along too!

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Murder in Romsey

18 Jun 2015

The Scouts were sleuths around Romsey trying to find out who dunnit and with what implement!  For a while I thought I had lost all of them, then I found the final group to leave following the right track – but no sign of the 3 groups that left earlier in the evening…….. the route was deserted!

No matter where I …


16 Jun 2015

Beavers were learning to tie knots and throw a rope so that they could rescue each other

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The merits of being Chief Scout

14 Jun 2015

In literal terms, you could say the high point of my life was standing on the summit of Mount Everest – 29,000 feet above sea level – at the age of 23. But if you’re talking emotionally – what has made me most proud? Got me most fired up?
It wasn’t crossing the Arctic Ocean in an inflatable boat, amid icebergs …

In-tents evening

11 Jun 2015

The Scouts were practicing putting up the tents before we get to camp – it took a while, but we got there!

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Bike Maintenance

11 Jun 2015

Tonight the Cubs checked over their bikes ready for their bike ride next week.

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Making the grade

9 Jun 2015

What a lovely evening!  The Mayor of Test Valley, Mrs Dorothy Baverstock, welcomed Beavers, Cubs & Scouts from Romsey District to a very special ceremony in the Town Hall.  Every youth member who has gained their Chief Scout Award for their section was presented with their certificate by Mrs Baverstock.  It was lovely to see 3rd represented by Jack, Rory, …

Hiking Beaver style

8 Jun 2015

We went on a hike up the Test Way, collected firewood and the odd pet snail.

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