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28 Apr 2015

We were learning to put up tents…

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ServeOn deploy to Nepal

28 Apr 2015

ServeOn, who visited 3rd Romsey Scouts in January, have travelled to Nepal to help in the current crisis.  The Scouts learnt about the rescue techniques that ServeOn will be using.

Expert volunteer rescuers from Serve On IRT are packing tonight and deploying first thing tomorrow to assist in the response to the Nepali earthquake.  The team of 8 volunteers, with ‘real …

St George’s Day Celebrations

26 Apr 2015

Well done to everyone who attended the St George’s Celebrations in Romsey today.  You all looked very smart and you behaved very well!  We event managed to get a photo of the whole Group together.  If you have a chance to pop into Romsey Abbey over the next 2 weeks why not have a look at the banner?  Each section …

Sixers Day

25 Apr 2015

Sixers’ day was great fun. We did road safety co-ordinates where we had to find letters to forma a word (it was ‘birthday’). Tracking was challenging. We had to set up a trial for other people in our group. I thought my team’s trial was good. We also did knots; I could not get the hang of the sheep bend …

En Guarde

23 Apr 2015

It was St George’s day so the Scouts were challenged to do some “knightly” activities – fencing and chariot racing!  Tom ran a fantastic fencing activity and Tris actually got the Scouts doing tight square lashings when making the chariots.
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