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Fancy a Wild day out?

31 Mar 2015

Calling all Beavers, Cubs & Scouts – fancy a wild day out at Marwell?
On Sunday 27th September, Marwell Zoo will welcome a host of Scouts from Hampshire and across the region for a special activity day!
This unique event is dedicated to Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and the Scouts Network – and parents can come too!   Cost is £14 per …

For 3rd and St George!

31 Mar 2015

What does St George mean to the Beaver Scouts?  They put their interpretation onto their panel, this is to be put with the other panels from all sections in Romsey District for display at the Celebration on 26 April 2015.

Scouts & St George

31 Mar 2015

Today we did different activities on different bases that the Leaders organised.  At one we learnt about bank accounts and how we earn interest.  Another we went outside and looked through Tris’ telescope and we saw Jupiter and the Moon.  Then we finished our Admin Badge.  Also we designed the St George’s panel.  At the end of the night we …

Cubs preparing for St George

27 Mar 2015

Tonight we have been doing sewing our initials onto wolves as part of our flag for St George’s Day celebration.  We also made an egg cosy as a fun activity.  We also did a treasure hunt organised by Toby.

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We danced the night away!

22 Mar 2015

Last night’s Gala Dinner Dance was a fantastic event!  Romsey Town Hall was filled with friends, members and supporters of 3rd Romsey Scouts dressed to the nines ready to party the night away.  From the welcome drink to the final song everyone had a brilliant evening  Thank you to Ali for organising us, the lovely Mrs S who decorated the …

What does the Exec do?

19 Mar 2015

​Eagles Patrol: Tonight members of the Executive Committee came to talk to us about what they do and how they help our Scouts.  We learnt all about the Scout family tree and who links to who (the parents are at the bottom!).  I found it very interesting finding out about who helps us and what they do.
James, Exec Chair: “​W​ho looks after …

Knotty problems

13 Mar 2015

Brilliant knot making – challenging but fun!


13 Mar 2015

Tonight was a lot of fun because we played an outside game where we had lots of missions to do and we got scored on each of them.  We did things like trial and error, quick thinking, dealing with accidents and other things.  It was a lot of fun!

Being a patrol leader in one easy weekend – THE END!

8 Mar 2015

After the park we came back to the lodge to get ready to eat our lunch. We had bacon sandwiches, and apple and a Brunch bar after that we had a Patrol Forum where we talked about how we could make the camp better next time. At the end we gathered round the flag and had Flag down, then we …

Being a patrol leader in one easy weekend part 8

8 Mar 2015

At 11:30 we went to the park! We went to the skateboard park and we ran up and down the ramps. There was a zip wire that we went on but it wasn’t very fast! Next we went in the children’s play park and James got stuck in some tires! Its was really funny!
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