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26 Feb 2015

Today we painted our pots, it was really run.  Then Roger took the pots away to be glazed.  We made the pots for Mothers Day (shhhhh, don’t tell the Mums!).   We each chose a design suitable for our mother.
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Parents Pancake Party

12 Feb 2015

After weeks of planning – tonight was the night!  Invites had been written & sent, responses received.  Menus had been discussed, changed, amended again and then finally agreed on.  Sketches had been (quickly) rehearsed.  Shopping had been done.
The hall was full of Scouts & parents waiting to sample the delights of the PPP!
We appreciate the parents & siblings coming – …

Whoop – Wide Game

5 Feb 2015

Tonight we played a wide game. We also decided what pancake we would make for the PPP as well as practicing a sketch to perform at the PPP!
The wide game was really great fun – we had to find different objects in the dark beginning with a letter of the alphabet.  Once we finished each Patrol’s points were added up.