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Summer planning & Marwell animals

30 Jan 2015

First with one of our Leaders we thought about what we could do in the summer.  Secondly we made key rings with the other Leader.
We had a look at our Adoption Pack from Marwell Wildlife.  We had a photo of our animal who was Eva the Penguin and we also had a fact file.
Lily & Freddie
Eva the Penguin

About Me
Born on: …

Going potty

30 Jan 2015

Today we made coil pots for Mothering Sunday.

They were decorated with flowers and it was a lot of fun.  It took a long time but we managed to finish it in the end.  It was great fun, we’re looking forward to glazing them in a few weeks.

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Awards, Marwell & Climbing

21 Jan 2015

What an evening!
For the first time the whole Group met for an evening!
The Beavers & Cubs arrived at the Dr Peter Cetre 5.30pm to start climbing, thanks to the fab District climbing team they all made it up the wall and had a great time!

At 6.45pm the Scouts arrived and Muntjac presented Toby & Rory from the Beavers …

Cubs – what fun!

19 Jan 2015

Serve On

15 Jan 2015

At Scouts Tonight we had some people come in and talk to us from Serve On and they demonstrated what role they have if we have flash floods or  there is an Earthquake in a different Country. One of them demonstrated to us how to throw a rope to a stranded person in the flash floods and we all had …