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Daily Echo & Romsey Advertiser

21 Dec 2014

We made it into the Romsey Advertiser and the Daily Echo just before Christmas  for gaining our Green Blue Peter Badge by helping to remove the invasive Himalayan Balsam plant in the New Forest!
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Sweet Treat

20 Dec 2014

Tonight was our Christmas treat.  We had 4 bases where we made 4 different kinds of sweets; peppermint creams, snowballs, coconut ice & polo crunch.  We got to take them home and eat them which was the best bit!
Congratulations to Kestrels who won the Golden Mallet this term!
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Beavers meet Santa – AGAIN!

17 Dec 2014

The Beavers visited the 1st Romsey Beavers where they all played Christmas games and ate cake before a surprise visit from Santa.
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Cubs Christmas Fun

12 Dec 2014

Christmas jumpers were the uniform of the night for the Cubs final night before the Christmas break – and great fun was had by all!
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GPS & Geocache

11 Dec 2014

Today we went to hide geocaches.  Firstly we got into groups and we told what to do.  Then we went to search for places to hide our geocaches.  We had to chose some clue places and also some drop places where we hid them!  Finally we went to Caught for chips; they were amazing – but there wasn’t any ketchup!

Silence for Marwell animals

9 Dec 2014

As part of their Sponsored Silence, the Beavers quietly did an animal themed word search, then took turns miming the animals as the other guessed. Then followed a game of ‘keys to the kingdom’ and ‘sly fox’. The Beavers managed to keep mostly silent for about 30 minutes before deteriorating during the last game! Still a great success as plenty …

Cooking & Compass

5 Dec 2014

Over 2 weeks we have cooked and practiced our bearings – swapping around each week.
We split into 4 groups, 2 groups did cooking and 2 groups did compass work.  We also played a game.
It went well, Eagles did cooking.  We cooked pasta with passata sauce.  It was delicious, we worked well as a team.  However, next time we would add …

Cricket coaching

2 Dec 2014

The Beavers listened quietly as a Cricket Coach from the Old Tauntonians & Romsey Cricket Club talked about his role, then demonstrated all the various kit. Then followed catching & fielding practice. The evening ended with a quick game with each Beaver batting 4 balls and the others fielding.
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