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30 Oct 2014

We started flag break, then Tom set out a parachute.  Meanwhile we discussed about the sugar & fat in our diet.  Now we did the parachute – the game we did was cat and mouse.  We also played Ultimate Frizby.


24 Oct 2014

The Beavers played Halloween games, including apple bobbing, hunting for marshmallows hidden in flour and making armpit fudge.

Where things go

24 Oct 2014

Report 1
We played a game of newspaper hockey.  We then went into bases and did camp layout and electronics.  We did where we put the tents on camp, we also did where the food should go on camp and a menu.  We then did morse code buzzer making and finally played crab football.
Report 2
We started off with a game where …

Walk the Test Way

20 Oct 2014

Thanks so much to all of you who have sponsored us so far! We have raised over £300!! Three times more than our target – thank you!
Toby was quite happy doing his 5 miles and completed it without any difficulty – cheering and supporting Grandma on all the way!
Kieran didn’t realise that 25.5 miles was 41 kilometres, until we were …

They Walked Their Socks Off!

20 Oct 2014

Our thanks and congratulations are extended this week to Katie, Kieran and Toby Brown who have walked The Test Valley Way with Romsey Rotary Club in aid of 3rd Romsey Scout Group. This annual fund raising event attracts sponsored entrants from far and wide who all stepped out to raise money for their favourite charity.
Twenty six miles is a big challenge, even …

Mini pioneers

17 Oct 2014

The Beavers tried Mini pioneers, joining kebab sticks with loom bands, then adding paper to their structures.
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Ultimate Frizbee

10 Oct 2014

What fun!
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7 Oct 2014

The Beavers continued working towards our friendship badge, changing simple activities to cater for all needs. Each lodge tried playing charades, being assisted through a path whilst blindfolded and trying craft with only one hand. We finished the session with a fun game of crab football.

Walk the Test Way

6 Oct 2014

Akela (Katie) from 3rd Romsey Cubs has decided to raise funds for 3rd Romsey Scout Group by walking the whole 26 MILES of the Test Way with her son Kieran. Not to be outdone Toby, who is a Scout at 3rd Romsey, will walk 5 miles of the Test Way – also to raise funds for 3rd Romsey Scout …

Cooking on fires

3 Oct 2014

We split into 3 groups: one doing the fire, the second getting the equipment out and the third learning the method to make dauphinoise potatoes.  Then we all came together to make the dauphinoise.  Slicing the potatoes and onions we add them to the foil case.  Then we wait till the fire is ready and add the milk and garlic …