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Beavers in Switzerland

29 Sep 2014

The Beavers were learning about Switzerland as part of the Friendship Challenge Badge, they tried coin rubbing (Swiss coins), played a game involving running around parts of the hall representing Switzerland and surrounding countries, making the Swiss flag and best of all: eating Swiss chocolate!
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Cooking on Gas!!!

28 Sep 2014

Congratulations 3rd Romsey Cubs on winning the Cub District Cooking Competition!
We had to cook sausages, beans and mash.  This was exciting because we also needed to time it right and many of the other groups burnt their sausages!
Then we made our pudding of our own choice, the jubges said (at the end) that was one of the reasons we won. …

Games & geocaches

26 Sep 2014

We played the shoe game, corners AND Danish longball tonight, which were all good fun.  Then we decided where we are going to hide the geocaches in a few weeks time.

Cooking with Cubs

25 Sep 2014

Tonight we cooked our own tea!
We made Sausages, mashed potato and peas. We cooked on gas stoves, then all sat down and ate together.
It was really yummy, I don’t like peas much but I ate some of them
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Adders, Owls & Foxes!

24 Sep 2014

The Beavers were divided into lodges and learned about woodland animals with a quiz and answer hunt where they needed to search for the answers spread around the hall. After a game of ‘duck, duck, goose’ the second part of the quiz involved matching answers with pictures. The lodge names were then picked.

The concept of ‘lodge points’ was introduced, with ‘Adders’ …

Out and about

19 Sep 2014

We arrived at the Michelmersh Barns to group up and start our hike.  We had to follow our map and route card whilst we used our campass to find which way we were meant to be going.  It took us an hour to complete the two mile hike and arrive back at the hall – but this was with lots …

Welcome Muntjac!

18 Sep 2014

The first Beaver evening was full of introductions and activities.  Tony came from District to invest Muntjac (Mat) as a Leader and Bertie the Beaver came along too to welcome him to our Group and say Hi to all our new Beavers and the two new Young Leaders.  There is a fun packed term – so watch out for our …

1st Aid

18 Sep 2014

We did first aid at Cubs tonight. First we stayed in the hall and Tom showed us how to wrap bandages and what to do if we burn our self, then Jimmy got strapped in a wheelchair and we sat in the back of an ambulance. We were shown the lights, the medicines and the oxygen. Thanks Vikki for bringing …

Back with a bang

12 Sep 2014

At first we played a game.  Then we had an amazing opportunity – if we wrote a letter to Blue Peter we have a chance to get a Blue Peter Green Badge because of the Himalayan Balsam pulling we have been doing the past 2 years.
At the end of the evening loads of badges issued which were gained last term …

Hampshire Scout News

9 Sep 2014

The September 2014 issue of Hampshire Scout news is bursting with news of 3rd Romsey!  There are articles from the group in each section – Beavers, Cubs & Scouts!!
Link to Hampshire Scout News