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Cub scrapheap challenge

24 Oct 2013

3rd Cubs did really well making a garden out of junk and came 2nd out of all the packs in district!

My favorite part is the bird bath. The model will be at the hall on thursday for all to see.

Well done to Amelia, Lily, Jessica and Isabelle!
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Crossing the finish line

23 Oct 2013

This week’s report is by Joe & George.
“Tonight we were trying to get more fit and beat our scores from the last four weeks of the fitness challenge. We were tired, it was fun, but we were sweating, we were so hot.
After the fitness challenge we showed our hobbies to the rest of the scouts. It was fun, all …

China Night

22 Oct 2013

Last week we traveled to China to see what the country is like. It is part of our global challenge badge, so we took our passports to record what we saw and learnt. The highlight was trying to cook some Chinese food and then eating it afterwards. It was really yummy!

Games night

22 Oct 2013

We spent an exciting evening playing team games this term. There are lots of new cubs so we were trying to get to know each other by working in teams. The final challenge is in the pictures. We are trying to get from one end of the room to the other without touching the floor! It was great fun but …

Cubs Pond dipping

22 Oct 2013

The Cubs’ term started off with an exciting trip to Stroud School, where we pond dipped and learnt all about what can be found in a pond. We found lots of different animals which live there and identified them on our guide sheets. We were very grateful that the school let us use there pond. Hopefully we’ll be able to …

Welcome to JOTI

19 Oct 2013

32 Scouts from Romsey (including 11 from 3rd) are having an overnighter at the DPC to take part in the Jamboree on the Internet.  We’ve been going for 2 hours so far and have talked to people from Auckland to the USA!  Watch this space to see how many countries we visit.
Have a look at where we’ve been!
JOTI Google Map
After …

Puffed out

17 Oct 2013

“The first part of the evening made sure we were all worn out as we took part in the fitness challenge. It was hard work.
We then split into wolves and stags, the wolves (the younger ones) went to make a route card for our hike. The older ‘mature’ lot went to plan their expedition challenge.
We then finished off …

Fighting Fit

8 Oct 2013

This week’s report is by David:
” First we did a game called corners.
Next we did the fitness challenge for our 2nd week.
Then we split into stags and wolves. The stags did planning for expedition challenge and wolves used cardboard to make hills to represent contour lines. “
We saw some very red-faced scouts during the second week of fitness challenge, hopefully we’re …