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23 May 2011

When James Laffeaty, Secretary for 3rd Romsey, suggested that the Group entered the Romsey Carnival the rest of the Group & Exec were not sure whether they should be excited or worried!
The plans were made, jobs issued and the wheels started slowly turning – we had months, it would be fine! Then suddenly it was Carnival week – we had …

Popham Air Camp 2011

1 May 2011

Approximately 40 Scouts from Salisbury and Andover Air Scouts together with 7 Scouts from Romsey attended a very hot and very blustery Popham Air Camp based at the Annual Microlight Trade Fair over the May Bank holiday. Our scouts made up the Romsey Air Support Team – RAST.
Friday was dedicated to Scouts learning two-way radio and air marshalling skills, the …